Why YouTube Videos Are Important For Your Business

We’re sure you’re probably familiar with the ‘Gangnam Style’ video clip on YouTube that went viral and was the first YouTube video to reach a billion views. As at mid August 2013 the video had been viewed over 1.741 billion times on YouTube and the South Korean pop star Psy has become a world-wide celebrity.

So what’s YouTube got to do with your business and who really watches video clips on the internet anyway?

Well, the statistics support the fact that there are more YouTube clips played each month than there are Google searches! For example, in May 2013 in the US alone, 154.5 million people watched a video on YouTube. Those 154.5 million viewers watched a total of 13.9 billion video clips in that month. There are about 20 billion web searches per month in the US of which 13.6 billion are on Google, 3.3 billion are on Bing, 2.4 billion are on Yahoo! and the rest on smaller search engines.

In effect, YouTube is therefore the second largest search engine in the US. The second largest video site is
Facebook (including Instagram) that gets around 60 million viewers per month for 727 million video clips viewed. Apart from potentially tapping into some of those 13.9 billion video views, YouTube also integrates into the rest of your social media efforts. You can embed video clips on your website or blog and you can link from a YouTube video description (or a video itself) back to your website. You can link to a video clip on
Facebook or Twitter.

Even one promotional video can dramatically increase your business exposure and it’s easy to create. We all want more traffic to our website and video is an incredibly important part of the modern marketing mix.

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