March 2014

7 Warning Signs Of A Business In Trouble

According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission's (ASIC) annual report published in October 2013, the number of businesses registered in Australia has reached a record 2.03 million. The report also indicated that nearly 200 businesses a week in this country enter external administration.

There's An App For That - Printing From Your Mobile

Need to print a document, photo or message from your phone, tablet or other mobile device? There are now multiple apps on the market which will connect your phone to your printer.

Reading Corner - Think And Grow Rich

This book was first published in 1937 when Napoleon Hill was asked to interview the most successful businessmen of the time (Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and other millionaires of his generation). Hill discovered 13 common elements of success.

Time To Get Your Business Mobile Ready

The top priority for many business owners in 2014 is to establish a mobile presence to satisfy the huge number of consumers who research and buy using their mobile devices. Australians are one of the highest users of mobiles in the worldand the latest Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI) survey results show the rise of mobile connectivity does not look like slowing any time soon.

Tools To Create Great Business Videos

People love video content and YouTube is now the second biggest search engine behind Google. Video is a very effective way of telling your story, personalising your business and brand and communicating very complex ideas. Videos can demonstrate your product, be used for training staff (or clients), provide virtual tours or share PowerPoint presentations and slide shows.

Website Privacy Policies - Who, What, Where, When & How

Amendments to Australian Privacy Legislation take effect from the 12th March 2014. The changes require private-sector organisations and Australian Government agencies covered by the laws to be more transparent about how they handle your personal information.

Business Start Up Corner

Home Is Where The Business Is

Some 800,000 people run a home based business in Australia. Many of them are start-ups, independent contractors or sole traders. Running a business from home isn’t for everyone. We have identified some things you should consider when starting a home based business or setting up a home office.

Avoiding Termination Pitfalls

In a 2013 survey, hiring and firing staff was one of the ten big issues facing small business owners in 2014. There’s nothing easy about employing staff and you need to negotiate your way through the minefield of awards and overlapping legislation.

Breaking News For Business Owners

A study out of the US suggests that for every dollar a company spent in 2011 on email marketing they produced a return of $40.56. This means email marketing outperformed almost every other form of marketing.